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اريد or بدي

Can someone please explain the difference? Is one simply formal and one colloquial?

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    you are right! they both mean " want " but "اريد" used mainly in standard Arabic and also used in some dialects (colloquial).
    while the word "بدي" is used as a colloquial word in some dialects such as Lebanon.
    Here in Egypt we use the word " عايزة/عايز" to give the same meaning.

    Simply ...

    بدي Beddi is dialect ..

    أريدُ Urydu is Standard Arabic ..

    if you come to Algeria for example and say BEDDI it will be strange and a lot will not understand .


    Exactly, Same meaning but simply two diffrent types of Arabic
    pronounced as Oredo that's MSA (modern standard Arabic)

    is shami or lavent

    both means the same which is I want.

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