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How to say in Hindi?

"i miss u so much, my husband. I hope lets to meet u"

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    मेरे पति परमेश्वर! मैं आपको बहुत याद करती हूँ, आशा करती हूँ कि जल्दी मिले!

    according to me , 'soon' should be added in the last.


    It's in Romaji. (Hindi in English)

    Mai (i) mayray (my) shohar (hubby) ko ( to him) milnekaa (meeting) har (every) moukaa (opportunity / chance) kho rahi hoon (missing). Mai oosay (to him) bahut (very much) yaad karti hoon. (remember / remembering)

    I hope lets to meet u (What do you wish to convey ?) Do you mean : You want to meet him or to someone else. I want to meet him = Mai oosay (to him) milnaa (to meet / meeting) chaahati (want to) hoon (am / is / be)

    Is't clear ?

    mere pati ! main app ko bahut yaad karti hu. aasa hai ki app mujhe jald hi mile.

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