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What's the difference between よるごはん and ゆうごはん?

They both mean "dinner", right? Are there more words in japanese for "dinner"? What are their differences? Which one should I use and when? Thank you! :D

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    夜ご飯、夕ご飯 There are some more way to say for dinner.

    晩飯(ばんめし)夕飯(ゆうめし)←Very very casual way to say and most of time, it is said by men.

    Actually there was a difference between them a long time ago but no difference nowadays.
    First of all, there is no word "夜ご飯" in an encyclopedia. That means 夜ご飯 is not a correct Japanese, in the fact, but someone made up the word at some point.
    夕ご飯 is originated a word from a long time ago. People had their dinner in the evening so that "dinner" was called 夕ご飯. Today, many people have dinner around the night time rather than the evening time, so 夜ご飯、晩ご飯 becomes more common. Eventually, we use all of them without any differences.

    I think there is no difference.
    You can also say "ゆうはん".
    If I hear "ゆうはん"or"ゆうごはん"or”よるごはん”,all of them are natural and mean "dinner".

    But these kanji have little different meaning.
    夕ご飯(ゆうごはん)…夕方(around 4-6pm.The time to be getting darker)のご飯

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