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What is the best way to learn kanji?

I have a book which is dedicated to teach kanji; it's very useful. However, i'm searching for more practical ways,especially because i don't have the perfect memory! i'll be glad to hear your suggestions :)

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    Hello, I have been learning kanji for almost two years now, mostly using Anki ( I love it because I can study both on my phone and computer, learning to recognize a few kanji each day. Anki is just a program but you can download "decks" of flashcards to study with. I have been using this one: which is based on the "Remembering the Kanji" book by James Heisig.

    However, you might also want to look at, if you join there you can also get into which looks like it might be really good for kanji learning. Also, it teaches the traditional "radicals" while Heisig's method uses a different system. Textfugu also teaches the readings and common words with the keywords, which is slower than Heisig's method but more effective perhaps.

    I'm not an expert or a teacher but those are the ways I have been using to drill kanji into my brain :-)

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