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About 星xīng

Which is the origins of 星xīng?
Why do the "star" must be the union of 日 rì "sun" and 生 shēng "born, life"?
I know that in the past the character was written 曐 with three sun, but the question remains...

Some authors says that the stars are the quintessence of materials sublimated in the sky (like the aristotelic physic says), but I wonder if old chineses had the same thought.

How do the chinese people considers the stars (in ancient point of view)?

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    I have to say that though we may know how characters are evolved into what they look like today, even historians or archiologists probably would have no idea why ancient people choose this specific character to represent its meaning in the first place. We can only postulate, but we would never know the truth.

    As for "星", it is composed of three "日" above and one "生" below. "日" is an object in the sky. If there is only one object, it means the sun. If there are many they are the stars. Actually I wonder why “晶” desn't represent the stars. But ancient people give "晶" another meaning. Three suns must be very bright, so "晶" means bright.

    Back to "星", stars are very important to ancient Chinese. They observe stars and make prophecies. For example, the rising of a new star means a very important person was born. So stars are important to people's life. Actually, people say that every single star in the sky represents a person living on the earth. That's probably why they put "生" below. Stars and people are connected.


    I think 星 is a 形声字 in which 生 only represents the pronunciation of 星 and therefore has nothing to do with the meaning of 星. The pronunciation of 生 is close to that of 星, though they are not exactly the same.

    writing one sun 日 is quicker than 3 so it was simplified to 星

    the question "Why _does_ the "star" must be the union of "sun" and "born, life"" is very similar to "why sister starts with s "

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