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که how do you use the word 'keh'


Can someone please give me a bunch of sentences that show all the ways keh can be used and what they mean in each sentence?

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    The word "KE" is a conjunction.
    Example: Khane'i KE abi ast.
    Translation: A house THAT is blue.
    Example: Mashini KE saree' harekat mikonad.
    Translation: A car THAT moves fast.

    Sometimes "KE" means "SO" and since you are a beginner in learning Farsi, I don't recommend you to learn it.
    Example: KE mikhahi be khaneye Ali beravi?
    Translation: SO you want to go to Ali's place?
    Example: KE mikhahi pool-haye man ra kharj koni?
    Translation: SO you want to spend my money?
    NOTE: Whenever the word "KE" means "SO", it comes at the beginning of the sentence.
    NOTE: Whenever in your sentence "KE" means "SO", your sentence is for threatening!

    There is another KE which means WHO in Farsi.
    Example: mikhahi ba ke sohbat koni?
    Translation: Who do you want to talk to?

    the usage of ke is like that as a conjunction in english

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