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I dont understand this sentence in German!

Wissen wir noch von der Leidenschaft der Alten, nach der Liebe unseres Vaterlandes, nach seiner Ehre und Lohn, "als dem schönsten Kranz des Patrioten zu buhlen?"
I dont understand the "..." part. Can somebody translate it in English??

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    Do we still know of the passion of the old ones, towards the love of our country, towards her glory and reward, as to vie for the (most) beautiful wreath of the patriot?

    buhlen = old verb for "to compete, to vie for", including the sense "ein Mann buhlt um eine Frau". Also "Nebenbuhler".
    Kranz = (symbolic) reward for the victor

    This is rather old German. :-)
    Was not Peter the Great a true patriot, when he, as the (famous) name and wonder of our century, became father of his old (country) and creator of a new fatherland (motherland/homeland)?

    "Name" is here used somewhat in the sense of 名 in 有名. :-)

    It's difficult to translate "Vaterland" into English and keep the nuances. Literally it means "land of our fathers = our country" and is a neutral term in German. Other countries, including England, use "motherland" (and German "Mutterland" also exists, with different connotations). So in English, "fatherland" is somewhat associated with nationalism.

    BTW, "patriot" is based on the same concept; latin "pater" = father.

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