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what is the difference


what's the difference between " They are being taught at the school and They are being taught in the school".

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    "in" must be inside but "at" can be inside or outside.

    "in" can be enclosed (for example, in a building) or not (for example, in a car park) but it's still inside that area.

    "as" could be the same as "in" above, or outside the area if it's still nearby.

    For example, if you are outside the entrance to a school, you are "at the school" but not "in the school".

    For your sentences, they are the same.


    There is a difference only in viewpoint. When you say "in the school" you are putting yourself inside with the students. This is the most common way to say this. When you say "at the school" you are putting yourself outside the school but with attention directed towards it. You might say it this way if you are comparing different places the students at which the students are taught. (Not so common). To summarize, either way is fine. Most people would say "in the school" but that doesn't mean you have to say it that way.

    In my opinion if you are talking about the building of school then it is correct to say " they are being taught in school", on the other hand if you aren't sure about their location for example them might be learning something in outdoor activities outside the building of the school. In such a case I guess it is OK to say " they are being taught at school".
    For further help search on google the uses of prepositions.

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