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How to translate, "I hope God takes her under his wing" in Spanish?

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    I guess it's an idiomatic expression so it doesn't have a literal translation into Spanish. I would equate it to the Spanish expression: "Espero que Dios te bendiga y te ampare"


    It's not an easy traslation, but I think: "Espero que Dios lo bendiga", "Espero que Dios lo proteja", "Espero que Dios lo cuide" the literal traslation would be "Espero que Dios lo tenga bajo sus alas" but this doesn't have sense. I can understand the sense of this sentence, but doesn't have sense anyway. We also say "Espero que Dios lo tenga en su gloria" but this means that this person has passed away, so I think isn't that you would like to say.

    "Espero que Dios le toma bajo su ala"


    Perhaps : "Espero que Dios la proteja". En este enlace encontrarás traducciones de esa expresión tomadas de fuentes "reales".

    "Que Dios te/le ampare" or "Que Dios te/le proteja"

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