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is it a car?

At the Deauville racetrack, no one but old men and little boys dressed in huge jean-barts ("Buster Brown" hats) and knee britches. Also, a lone young woman. That was Gabrielle, from head to toe in Chanel. She wore a loosely fitting tailleur. Until then, fashion had taken as its sole purpose the accentuation of women's physical charms—and that sometimes to the point of caricature. Create a suit that would eliminate the need for a corset? A garment under which the body was merely suggested? This is what Gabrielle dared to do. She was convinced that by cultivating the natural, she would not suppress femininity— quite the opposite. The reception women gave her work confirmed this. As the guns of August began to sound, Chanel realized her first big commercial success in the world of haute couture.】
what does "huge jean-barts"mean? according to wiki, it is a car?

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    No, it's a style of hat with a very wide brim. I will try to find a picture.

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