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how to use ぐらい and ごろう correctly?

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    When you use ぐらい or ごろ for a specific time, they are the same meaning.
    1時ぐらい means about 1 o'clock.
    1時ごろ also means about 1 o'clock.

    But you can't use ごろ for time length.
    You can say 30分くらい歩いた。(I walked about for 30 minutes)
    You can't say 30分ごろ歩いた。It doesn't make sense.


    Thank you for your interesting question, and first of all, I have to say that not ごろう but ころ or ごろ, and くらい or くらい...
    Its meaning is the same as hana commented above, however, I would like to add more a bit comments about the usage of them as follows...

    1) You can put あの、その、この before ころ(ごろ×), くらい(ぐらい). But you can't put これ、それ、あれ before ころ(ごろ), however, putting them before くらい(ぐらい) is OK.

    2) You can put the word which is showing time, date,year before both of them. But usually when relating location or place, you can not use ころ.

    These are major examples of usage of ころ or くらい. Of course much are involved.

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