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how to say "bless you" in Espanol?

formal and informal please. thanks

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    If someone is sneezing you have to say "salud" or "Jesus". Jesus if you are a kind of religious person and salud if you aren't this kind of person.
    But if you mean "God bless you" in Spanish would be "Que Dios te bendiga"
    Many years ago grandparents used to say "con Dios" instead of goodbye. In fact some of this old people still saying this expression "Con Dios" something in English like "With god" or "Go with God"

    It's an expression of well-wishes:
    - bless you = ¡Jesús!
    - bless you = when you're sneezing, someone says to you: ¡salud!
    - God bless you = Christian expression of well-wishes = que Dios te bendiga.

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