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Posessive pronouns in Irish

What are the possessive pronouns in Irish? Is the word for his/her the same?
(Because, as far as I can tell, it's "a"). Thanks.

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    the words for "his", "her" and "their" *look* the same, but there is a difference in the mutations they cause on the following word:

    a chat = his cat
    a cat = her cat
    a gcat = their cat

    a athair = his father
    a hathair = her father
    a n-athair = their father

    As you can see, "a" lenites a following consonant when it means "he", it does nothing to consonants, but prefixes an "h" to vowels when it means "her", and it eclipses when it means "their".

    The other possessive pronouns are:
    mo (+lenition) = my, becomes m' before vowels or fh
    do (+lenition) = your (singular), becomes d' before vowels or fh
    ár (+ eclipsis) = our
    bhur (+eclipsis) = your (plural)

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