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How we say in arabic, "for you"

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    It depends on which type of Arabic you're going to use
    for example if you want to be like for you in the following example: I did it for you.

    the the correct translation would be:
    فى الفصحى : من أجلك
    pronounced as min Ajlika if you're talking to a male. min Ajliki if you're talking to a female.

    فى العامية المصرية: عشانك
    pronounced as Ashanak directed to a male Ashanik directed to a female.

    فى الشامى : من شانك

    But if you want it to be similar to the following example:
    I give it to you yesterday

    then it's appropiate to say
    directed to a male and it's pronounced as laka
    directed to a female and it's pronounced as laki


    For you in Arabic
    من أجلك
    or لأجلك
    or لك



    اللغة العربية بحر من المصطلحات وهي تعتبر من أصعب اللغات في العالم ولها العديد من المصطلحات
    تقريبا جميع الإجابات اللي أجابو عليها صحيحة
    من أجلك أو لأجلك << باللغة العربية الفصحى

    بالتوفيق يا رب ^^

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