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Que es la diferencia entre "Me gusta" y "Me gustan" ?

could you explain it in English ?
could you give me few examples for every case?

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    Ok, singular and plural, But.....the problem to undestand the Spanish's use is the different structure in English and in Spanish.
    In English, the subject is the person who likes. I like something.
    But in Spanish the subject is the think: Algo (something, subject) gusta a mí (person, object)....Really we say : Algo me gusta.
    The concordance is subject-verb:
    Singular: La manzana me gusta (subject: la manzana)
    Plural: Las manzanas me gustan (subject: las manzanas) (gustan = plural because manzanas = plural).

    "Me gusta" is singular and "me gustan" is plural. For example:

    Me gusta la manzana (I like apple).
    Me gustan las manzanas (I like apples).

    Hi Salat, the different is the object what you like, if it's singular me gusta, if it's plural me gustan, haven't importance the subject.
    No me gusta el frío
    Nos gusta comer
    Me gustan los niños
    No nos gustan las fiestas.
    Espero que te guste la respuesta y te gusten los ejemplos.

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