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What does this Korean sentence mean?

"널 볼 수 있는 내 방의 window", does that mean "the window of my room where I can see you" or " I can see you from my room's window"?

I have taken this from the lyrics of a Korean song. It was translated as in the second sentence. But I doubt it means that.

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    "널 볼 수 있는 내 방의 window". This is a noun phrase. The noun "window(창)" is modified by "너를 볼 수 있는 나의 방의"

    The word, "너를 볼 수 있는 나의 방(my room where can see you)" is rather awkward and not logical. How can the room see something or someone? It's impossible, you know.


    너를 볼 수 있는, 나의 방의 창.
    The word group "(내가) 너를 볼 수 있는" modifies the noun, 창, and the word group "나의 방의" also modifies the noun, 창.

    What kind of window?
    (내가) 널/너를 볼 수 있는 창,
    내/나의 방의 창.

    So, The phrase, "너를 볼 수 있는, 나의 방의 창" means "the window of my room, of which I am able to see/watch you".

    yes , it's possible. but, if you get a right feeling of the lyrics, as you may think , you should know what word is empowered.
    roughly seeing the lyric, eventually 'the window' is decorated by '널 볼 수 있는 내 방의'
    so , the second is not good. the first traslation is better than the second.

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