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how are Italians?


I was reading an article on The Telegraph which speaks of the Britons and of their way to be polite and intending always the opposite of what they say, then I read another one about Spaniards way of been proud, traditionalist, always in time to defend their reasons and I was wondering: how are Italians? Is there anyone who would like to describe how Italians are, seen from the outside?

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    I'm Italian and in particular Sicilian, for this reason I don't know if my perspective could be alterated in a certain way. I will answer you with a verse by Verdi's Nabucodonosor: Italy is a "patria sì bella e perduta, una membranza sì cara e fatal", however. Italy has on Her shoulders one of the biggest cultural heritage of the world. But Italians are so alienated in the appearence's worship that they have forgotten our history.

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