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is 나 먼저 갈게 a normal thing to say when leaving?

In Korean dramas they always seem to say "I will leave first" or "I'm leaving first" or "I'm going to leave now" and sometimes, "You leave first" when they finish a conversation and they are going.

Is this just bad subtitling or is that actually what Korean people say when they leave another person, instead of just goodbye? Also is it rude if you say to someone "you leave first"?

감사합니다 ^^

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    It's pretty normal at least to me.:)

    A: 나 먼저 갈게. / 나 먼저 가봐야 할 것 같아(=I should get going first.)
    B: 어 그래, 그럼 먼저 가. / 어 그래, 그럼 잘 가.


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