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How can I make these statements natural?

The military dehumanized the prisoners by forcing them to do humiliating things.
Being vexed with trivial. issues is just problematic.
The book apparently engrossed him when his mom started calling out for him, but he didn't hear at all.
The soccer team triumphed over the other soccer team.
The crying children floundered in the sticky mud.
The provocateurs had been arrested for fomenting trouble during the protest.

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    In the second sentence, you would ordinarily delete the word "just". However, "just" would remain if there were a prior suggestion that being vexed with trivial issues was both problematic and something else, e.g. "problamatic" and "unpleasant". Then you could reply, "... is just problematic."

    The book was apparently engrossing him when..... This shows that the son was already engrossed when his mom called out, and that's why he didn't her. If you say "engrossed him when", it means at the very moment his mom called out, he became engrossed.

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