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Hello, what rahena kanechaje3oke means? and Za3ma'? Thank you :)

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    that's Moroccan Arabic.
    "rahena kanechaje3oke" means "we are encouraging/supporting you"
    as for "za3ma", its meaning depends on the context. when it comes at the first of a sentence, it suggest that the speaker is explaining something that he has already said. however, when it comes at the end, it means that the speaker is doubtful about what he is saying, especially when the speaker is reporting somebody else's words.

    i hope this was clear (or at least not very confusing! :D)

    take care


    That's Moroccan Arabic I guess, you'd better bring that in Arabic script.
    Anyhow, rahena kanechaje3oke means we are going to support you
    and Za3ma' means Really?

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