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اگرهني گما تشاء لگن لا تحبني كذباً ...

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    "Hate me as you like, but don't love me falsely."

    "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

    اكرهني كما تشاء لكن لا تحبني كذباً

    اكرهني = Hate me = odiarme
    كما تشاء = as you like = como quieras
    لكن = but =pero
    لا تحبني = don't love me= no me ames
    كذباً = كذب= cheat, deceive ... = falso, tramposo, mentira

    A close translation would be : " Hate me as much, but don't pretend to love"
    A song goes:
    " If your heart's not in it for real, please don't fake what you don't feel"

    hope that helps!

    Hate me as you like but do not love me falsely.

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