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How can i say , "cute" in italian, besides carino ? so would need something "cuter" word for this :)

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    The better word for cute is carino.

    If you do not want to use carino you can use a term of endearment.
    a cut hat can be 1. un cappello carino 2. un cappellino

    never translate cute with bello.


    /bello/ is different from /cute/, so if we don't see the rabbit, we would (obviously) think that it is /bello/, not that it is /cute/ !
    The meaning of a word can be changed only by reality, which is (usually) stronger, although sometimes subjective.
    I think that /carino/ is the best translation for /cute/ although sometimes
    /carino/ means /kind/.

    Cute it isnt bellissimo or bello, it means: carino, grazioso, tenero or something like that

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