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What is 'for' in korean?

How do you say 'for' in korean? I learned that it's "위하다" but I've read that it's not often used in spoken language.
So how do you say it in korean, like here:

1) I bought food for my dog.
2) I found the song that i will use for my presentation.
3) Do you want me to do it for him?

Thank you.
And please provide more examples and necessary explanations.


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    for = ~를 위해(서)
    The meaning is right but it's not usually spoken to the letter.
    1) 나는 나의 강아지를 위해(for) 음식을 샀어. (This sentence is a little unusual..) → 나는 우리 강아지 주려고 음식을 샀어.(Free translation is more natural.)
    2) 나는 프리젠테이션에서(for) 사용할 노래를 발견했어.
    3) 너는 내가 그를 위해(for) 그것을 하길 원하니?

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