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How does 'Habang Panahon' mean forever?

I understand that 'Habang' approximately means 'during' and 'panahon' means a while or a period of time.

I can't understand how these concepts can be bound together to mean forever.

Is it related to the passing of our lives?

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    Yeah, you got them right. Habang = "during" or "while" depending on the context.
    Panahon = time; period of time.

    "Habang panahon" = Forever, eternally, perpetually...

    This is how it works:
    "Habang panahon" literally means "while there's (the existence of) time ---> not time as a period or moment but time as a dimension.
    "Habang panahon" is synonymous with "Habang buhay" literally "during lifetime".

    Hope this helps. ;)

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