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Assonance and Alliteration in Tagalog

Sa Ingles, may mga saloobin Assonance at alliteration. Mga Saloobin mabuti para sa poetry ito.

Alliteration ay ang grupa ng mga parehong tunog. 'It's Always awkard when awful awnings are all over Albury" (aw-aw-aw) at Alliteration "Terry tipped the top of the tower, thereby tickling the tiny teachers teeth" (t-t-t-t)

As I listen to filipino music, i hear much of these occurences. For example the phrase 'Parang batang kinikilig' is very assonant to an English speaker, because of it's a-a-a-a i-i-i-i sounds

Do you think that Filo music plays on this rythm of vowel sounds? or does it just occur naturally in Tagalog because of the shortness and frequency of similar vowel sounds?

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    They come naturally because of reduplication and, as you mentioned, frequency of similar vowel sounds. However, writers and poets take advantage of them to create rhythm and rhyme.

    I know that song, I think Kamikazee did that on purpose. Compared to other bands, their compositions are filled with lots of i-i-i-i-i and a-a-a-a-a. They pronounce their words with strong vowels and got distinct accent too. :)

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