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Help me out Y qué haría yo con lo del trabajo y

1.A:igual debería ponerte como un oso
B:¡ qué ridículo ! ¿Y qué haría yo con lo del trabajo y la novia

What does B mean exactly ???

What does lo represent ??

Does it mean "what should I do with that of work and girlfriend "?? I still feel this is weird !! "That of " seems unnecessary !

2,A: qué estás haciendo
B: Iba a volver a casa a regar mis plantas
A: lo haces todos los días
B:claro que sí , acaso no necesitas agua para todos los días
A: pensaba que a las flores no les haría falta así
B: a veces es un poco molesto, pero siempre es más fácil que cuidar a un niño
A: qué tiene que ver con cuidar a un niño

What does last statement mean ????
What you have to see with caring a child
It does not make sense :((

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    Hola Brucy, well all this are expressions, I will explain you:

    What does B mean exactly ???
    i don't knwo where you read it, it's an informal way to talk, for me it also sound weird.. But "lo" means like "the affairs, or the things to do"... If I say "lo del trabajo" means like the things I have to do at work, So it's said instead of "lo que tengo que hacer en el trabajo". another example: Tengo que hacer lo que Alfredo me pidió... in an informal way you would say.. "tengo que hacer lo de Alfredo.. but It sounds really impolite and uneducated in my country.

    "qué tiene que ver con cuidar a un niño".. The expression "qué tiene que ver con..." It's a very usefull expression, it means like : what relation or comparion does the first stament have with the second one." In other words, B is comparing caring plants with caring a child.. so the second one says: what's the similarity or the relation between caring plants with caring a child.. (cuz these two things are completely different) / does it have something to do with caring child.
    In this dialogue, B could also say: " cuidar flores no tiene nada que ver con cuidar niño"... It has no point of comparison (It doesn't have any similarity between both)

    In informal speaking we also used "nada que ver" to laso say "it's completely false"
    A: Esta película estuvo increíble:
    B: Nada que ver, la película me pareció horrible.

    Hope it helps you

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