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nowadays commonly used chinese slang


i am interested to get a list of some of the most commonly used slang in china today with one or two examples.
thank you very very much/

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    1、我去!(similar to damn it, but not that bad, you can often hear it when young people complain or dissatisfied with sth)
    2、有木有!(means 有没有,是不是,but with a strong mood)
    3、鸭梨。(means 压力,pressure)
    4、不靠谱。(means not reliable ,not dependable 他办事不靠谱。means he often makes wrong or forget to do something )

    傻逼/脑残 idiot ( offensive) 蛋疼 make sb feel sth troublesome ( 这件事真让我蛋疼,我不想做了!) 鸭梨山大 feel very stressful


    不明觉厉:虽然不明白,但是觉得很厉害——I think it is so cool, although I don't understand.

    But I think "授人以鱼不如授人以渔" teaching you how to get it is better to give you answers directly.
    I advise you using Weibo, which is similar to twitter, most popular social network in China.
    You can learn a lot from there.

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