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Learning Mandarin - Russian or English textbooks?

This question is addressed to native Russian speakers who had experience of learning Mandarin. Is it better to use a Russian textbook or an English textbook?
I have noticed that some grammar constructions in Mandarin are closer to those in Russian rather than in English. So, I thought that maybe a Russian textbook would be a better choice for me (since Russian is my mothertongue). Do you know a good Russian textbook on Mandarin? I am sure that there should be some printed in the "pre-democracy time".

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    Да нету нормальных книг по изучению китайского, особенно на русском языке -- особенно на русском -- потому что кровоухие дегенераты навтыкали туда своих олигофренических цзючжаев и тяньхуйев. Будучи "native hohol" я просто нагребаю обеими руками и надкусываю всё, до чего дотянусь -- в основном на иноземных сайтах. Ибо только так.

    han yu jiao cheng It's a little old, some words are out-dated, but the grammar arrangement is good. it has a Russian edition.

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