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Sometimes, do you use them at the same meaning?


We got the money. and We've got the money.

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    Both are saying the same thing. However, the first one is the correct way to say it. With the second one, the reason it's not the correct way to say it, is because of the word "We've", because "We've got the money" is the same as saying: "We have got the money." This is not proper English. Also, now that I see it, "We have the money." is more correct.


    The first one implies that you received money. The second means more that you are in possession of money. They are very similar, though, and can usually be used interchangeably.

    I can give you 2 instances which can help you understand how you use

    We got the money and left his house
    We've got the money , so we do not worry about what is going on tomorrow .

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