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What is the difference between 끝나다 and 끝내다?

They both mean 'to finish' or 'to end' but I'm not sure when I should either word.

If I were to say 'I finished my homework', which would be correct?

저는 숙제를 끝났어요.
저는 숙제를 끝냈어요.


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    저는 숙제를 끝냈어요 is correct.
    끝내다 Means someone finishes something.
    for ex 저는 공부를 끝냈어요
    너는 계산을 끝냈니?
    끝나다 means something ends.
    For ex 영화가 끝났다.
    여름방학이 끝났다.

    so 끝내다 needs both subject and object
    끝나다 doesnt need object. Only subject should be.

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