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What does "한류가 좋아하시네요?" mean?

Also, can someone explain why 좋아요 have so many endings, such as '좋아하시네요'?

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    First off, I'm not Korean, but I'll try and answer it anyway. "좋아하시네요" is made up of a few things:

    1) 좋아하 = the verb stem of 좋아하다 (to like).
    2) 시 = a verb suffix, placed after the stem and before any conjugations. All it does is make the sentence a little more polite. It's an honorific.
    3) 네요 = is a verb ending indicating shock or surprise.

    All in all, 좋아하시네요 means "You like?!" in this case. 한류 is the Korean wave, and 가 is the subject marking particle. So the whole thing means "(you) like the Korean wave?!"

    All in all, let's wait for the natives answer...

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