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What is the difference between a Schachtel and a Karton?


When I was studying German today two words came up in sentences as the word box: Schachtel and Karton. What is the difference between the two?

I'm thinking maybe it is the size of the box as the sentences were: Die Blumen sind in der Schachtel. Die Süßigkeiten sind in der Schachtel. Das Mädchen ist auf dem Karton. and finally, Der Junge ist im Karton.
I think maybe it is to do with size, as logically, flowers and sweets would be in smaller boxes than a girl could sit on or a boy hide in.

Is size the difference?

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    Clair is right

    Karton refers mainly to the material.

    A Karton is a Pappschachtel. A Schachtel has always a cover. Schachtel has more relatives in German like Schachtelgesellschaft or Schuhschachtel. A Schachtel is a Schachtel only to a certain (not exactly defined) size.

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