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How do you say "My name is..." in Mandarin Chinese?

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    我的名字是 <name>。
    wo3 de5 ming2 zi5 shi4 <name>.

    我的 (wo3 de5) = my (or "mine")
    名字 (ming2 zi5) = name
    是 (shi4) = is (or "am" or "are", used when A = B, which it does here as "name" and <name> are the same thing)


    Otherwise you can just say: I am <name>.

    我是 <name>。
    wo3 shi4 <name>.

    我 (wo3) = I (or "me") [the same as in 我的 (wo3 de5) above]
    是 (shi4) [look above]


    I am called <name>.

    我叫 <name> 。
    wo3 jiao4 <name>.

    我 (wo3) [look above]
    叫 (jiao4) to be called

    on formal occasion ,我的名字是...... 我叫......(means i'm called ...)
    on informal occasion ,我是... 我叫...

    to express the idea -- 我 叫...

    to say exactly the words -- 我的 名字 是...

    我叫。。。。or 我是。。。。

    問 (使用敬語) : 請問貴姓大名 (尊姓大名)?

    答(使用謙詞) : 敝姓林,小名依晨。

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