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How much?

بكم هذا means "how much is this?" if the object is masculine. Yes?

But if I was asking about multiples of the same object it would be بكم تلك? Yes?

Because the feminine تلك is used for non-human plurals?

شكرا جزيلا

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    In Arabic كل جمع غير عاقل مؤنت
    Things that are inanimate or to be more precise not humans are feminine in plural.
    this is a pen هذا قلم
    هذه اقلام these are pens.
    how much is this book بكم هذا الكتاب
    How much are these books بكم هذه الكتب

    بكم هذا ....؟
    كم سعر .....؟
    ما هو سعر .....؟
    ما سعر .....؟

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