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Sentence structure

Currently I'm studying directional complements, but I read in a book the following sentence:
It's correct ? Because the grammar structure should be S + Verb + Object + Directional complement, like this:

Which one is correct ??

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    The first sentence is correct. The second, while not incorrect, sounds a little awkward.

    The reason is because your object is a complex one, with modifiers (rather than saying a "novel," you said "a very interesting novel.)

    So where should you place the object of a sentence if a directional verb complement is used?

    A simple object, such as a noun without a number word and measure word; a noun without a descriptive clause; and in particular an object which is a place word e.g., 家, 学院... should be placed in the middle of a combined complement.

    For example:
    She walked into the room. (The speaker is in the room.)

    Normally a complex object such as a noun with a number, measure word or a descriptive clause can be placed after the combined complement 去 or 来 .


    Hmm,I think the main problem is this "来"(prep.)(sometimes it equals ''to" in English)。Usually,we put this word behind a verb. For example,we are going now.(but if we wanna to express ourselves clearly),we can add a 'to' behind 'going',(we are going to the park now).
    兰兰从图书馆借来了一本很有意思的小说。兰兰从图书馆借一本很有意思的小说。the only difference between these two sentences is the tense. The former one,is past tense,and the later is present tense.

    in the 1st sentence 借来了 is one word

    Both are correct, but the first sentence is more nature

    Both correct, but they have different meanings. The first one means she has borrowed a novel from library. The second one means she is on the way to library to borrow the book or she is in the library and borrowing the novel. And the speaker of the first sentence is out of library, maybe live with Lanlan. The speaker of the latter one is in the library.

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