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What's the difference between "scairt ar..." and "scairt a chur ar..."?

How does adding "cur/chur" affect the phrase?

Thanks in advance! ^_^

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    They're just two different ways of saying the same thing.
    There are many cases in Irish in which you can express the same meaning in two ways:

    (a) with a plain verb, or
    (b) with a noun used together with a "light" verb

    The verb of (a) may be derived from the noun of (b), or else the noun of (b) may be the verbal noun of (a).

    Some more examples:
    cuidiú le ~ cuidiú a thabhairt do
    úsáid ~ úsáid a bhaint as
    léim ~ léim a thabhairt
    screadach ~ scread a ligean

    The difference is stylistic rather than semantic.

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