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    怀疑 质疑 置疑
    怀疑,相当于suspect doubt;
    置疑 质疑 两个词有包含关系。
    首先,质(有‘提出’的意思)顾名思义 质疑 即 提出疑问;
    而“置疑”含有“质疑”的意思,但置疑通常用于否定情况 如:不容置疑。


    1.怀疑means suspect
    I suspect/doubt he is a thelf.

    2.质疑 for example the authorities or experts who are skilled in certain field. and they put forward a theory. but you dont agree with it or you dont think it works. and you say does it really work? it is you 质疑 them, which is a formal way.

    3. 置疑 is rarely to see. it is more common used in an chinese idiom(成语)---不容置疑。this plan is 不容置疑 means this plan is precise.



    Three words are similar. 怀疑 is a derogatory term, while 质疑 with barely personal feeling.
    置疑 is rarely to see, except 成语:不容置疑。

    I hope it is helpful.

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