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If I wanted to say I got it, yo logado is the way to say it right?

Example: My friend is going to give the tip then I say, I got it(yo logado).

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    If your friend is going to give you a tip and you answer "I got it", in Spanish it would be: lo tengo, lo entiendo, lo he pillado (muy muy informal)
    "I got it" también puede traducirse por "lo conseguí" o "lo he logrado", if you reach a goal.

    You use to say.. "lo he logrado, lo conseguí", But if you want to have the meaning of understanding something, you can say, "entiendo, lo tengo (not so used).
    Lo he pillado... it's the first time I heard about it, it seems to be an expression of Spain, in latin america we never talk in that way.

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