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Trouble in understanding long sentences in Korean...


사또미 씨는 언니에게 하루만 조카와 집을 봐 달라는 부탁을 받았습니다

I think I know the meaning of all the words, but I don't know why I can't translate it into a complete sentence in my mind. >.< I sometimes have this kind of problem when I am reading long sentences in Korean... I don't know to improve this, apart from reading more...

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    Leaving out the modifying phrase,"...라는" first,

    사또미 씨는 부탁을 받았습니다.

    1. from whom? = "언니(her sister)"
    2. what is 부탁 = "조카와 집을 보는 것(taking care of her nephew and the house)"
    3.How long? = "하루(a day)"


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