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what does "have dogeresses"mean?

When I became her friend, she had just left the hotel for a sort of lantern high over the Quai Voltaire. The salon was illuminated on the north by green light, by the Seine on the south, and in orange by the canvases of Bonnard. Misia herself had cut these canvases in order to make them fit the exact configuration of the walls. Call it a scandal! We have dogeresses and great priestesses. We have muses; indeed, we have them to give away. But how much more rare and indispensable to the arts, which risk growing too fat, are those ultra- female women who bring havoc—the spirit of dressmaking and scissors—into the temple.

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    A dogeresse is the wife of a doge. A doge is the chief magistrate of Genoa or Venice. Presumably the dogeresses kept themselves busy by being patrons of the arts.

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