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How to say 'he's so cute!' in Korean?

I want to know the best way to say 'he's so cute!' when you see a cute actor on tv, or to your friend when you see a cute guy in the street - when WOW he is very cute!! haha ^^ (if there's a difference between levels of saying someone is cute that is)

Also is this (너는 너무 귀여워요) a good way to say 'you're so cute' to someone or is there a better way?


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    i think western meaning of 'cute' is a little different from ours. when koreans learn the word 'cute', we say it as 귀엽다, 귀여운. but we commonly use 귀엽다 or 귀여워요 to indicate babies, puppies, and small things like that :P. So, when you indicate a man, you better say '그는 잘 생겼어요, or 그는 멋져요. ' and when you would like to say 'you are so cute' in korean, you can say '넌(너는) 정말 예뻐' or just '넌 정말 귀여워.' makes sense.

    In conclusion, you can say 귀여워요 to someone .
    But, if you talk about a guy, you'd better say 멋져요, 잘 생겼어요.
    and if you talk about a girl, you'd better say 예뻐요, 귀여워요.

    너는 너무 귀여워요 is a formal and polite way to say this. Well if in the normal daily life conversation most of the people will go 아!! 너무 귀여워!!

    However, If one guy looks really cute (like puppies or babies...etc) of course you can say 그는 귀여워요 :D :D But I think you wanna say that in general meaning so I explained a little long :P

    I hope it will be helpful :)

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