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can you speak Chinese in Pinyin?


today,i chat with a guy ,i found that he can pronounce the Chinese characters in pinying. i know they don't know the meaning of it . so next time, if i want to teach them a new word like"你好帅” ,i can type the pinyin"ni hao shuai",so they can pronounce it himself when they have time.
by the way, "你好帅“means"you are handsome"

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    Yes, of course a foreigner who studies Chinese can read pinyin. You should also add the tones because they are important.



    Most foreigners who learn Chinese start by studying pinyin, otherwise it's almost impossible to get a handle on the tones!

    please use both pin1yin1 and chinese characters. it help them a lot. so they dont get confused.

    Yes, it would be much easier to learn only pinyin instead of 汉字.

    But if that guy really wants to learn the chinese language and culture, it's important that he gets used to reading 汉字, as pinyin is only useful to help pronounce words.

    The thing is a foreigner can learn to speak some Chinese by using Pinyin, it's considered much easier to get start. but the drawback is as big as it's convenience. As you know Chinese words is actually composed by charactors and you can arrange these charactors to create new words. so if you can only read pinyin and don't know the charactors, then everytime you encontered a new combination of the pinyin (containing the same charators or part of them)you get lost, in this way it's hardly say you know Chinese, you are just a Chinese tone imitator.

    no, no, "你好帅" isn't "ni hao shuai" as it's " nǐ hǎo shuài"
    Chinese is a tonal language -- no tone means no way to determine the word

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