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Which is the differen between the words of "happy" in arabic?

هل يمكنكم أن تقولوا ما الفرق بين "مسرور وسعيد و فرحان" من فضلكز؟
هل يوجد فرق بالنتيجة من هذه الكلمات الثلاث أو يكون نفسهن؟
شكرا جزيلا

If my writting isn't clear.. which is the difference between, "masroor, sa3id wa farhaan? is their any difference about the using of the three words, or are they just the same?

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    The 3 words give the same meaning , happiness
    the word
    is a slang word , originaly it's

    if you like to use them in different situations ,( sa3id ) is used in light writings like newspapers or in Tv shows
    ( farhaan ) is widely used in daily life
    (Masroor) usually used in novels and literature , not frequent I mean

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