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“小心眼” 和 “小气” 有什么区别?


“小心眼” 和 “小气” 有什么区别?

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    小心眼 means jealous while 小气 means petty or stingy.



    小心眼 is narrow-minded, a derogatory term.
    小气 is unwilling to spend or give, a neutral term.

    小心眼 is more figurative than 小气。小气has more meanings,one of which is 小心眼 when it means somebody is easy to get angry or remember other people's misdeeds.

    小气 is also used to describe a person when he/she is not generous. e.g. Though she is a millionaire, she doesn't want to give me a penny. She is very 小气。(You can't say 小心眼here)

    小心眼 means to remember EVERYTHING even those very very little tiny things.....
    for exmaple, I hit you without express 10 years ago and u always remember this...:D this is 小心眼.
    another example, man quarrels with woman about a very little tiny thing. then this man is 小心眼.

    小气 means exactly "stingy"

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