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How would you explain “drag” in the context?


He had slept in worse places. There had been the stone floor of a multistory car park in Angola, and the bombed-out metal factory where they had erected tents, and woken coughing up black soot in the mornings; and, worst of all, the dank dormitory of the commune in Norfolk to which his mother had dragged him and one of his half-sisters when they were eight and six respectively. He remembered the comfortless ease of hospital beds in which he had lain for months, and various squats (also with his mother), and the freezing woods in which he had camped on army exercises. However basic and uninviting the camp bed looked lying under the one naked light bulb, it was luxurious compared with all of them.

How would you explain “drag” in “his mother had dragged him and one of his half-sisters”?

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    Literally it means to pull along the floor. Like you would drag a heavy sack of potatoes if you couldn't lift it off the floor. In this context it is a figure of speech. He and his sisters weren't physically dragged on the floor, but they were taken to that place against their will. They did not want to go. But the mother did not give them a choice. So it is said, his mother "dragged" the children there.

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