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What are the conditions when to use "would", "could" and "might"

What are the conditions when to use "would", "could" and "might" ... :-)

I need a concise answer if applicable.

Thanks to everyone who can help me regarding this query. Any essential answers will be much appreciated.

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    That is a hard question for me to answer. I can use them properly in sentences myself but explaining them to another person is difficult. Would is related to "will" "I will go after class to get ice cream" and "I would go after class to get ice cream if I had the time." "Could" has to do with "can". Meaning permission or ability to do something. "I can go get ice cream because I have 10 minutes before class" and "I could go get ice cream if I had 10 minutes before class." Lastly "might" means "may", "it depends", "unsure". "I might go get ice cream after class if I'm hungry."

    I hope that helps. Or someone smarter and more experienced in explaining closely related signs on and speaks up.


    It's very hard to give a concise answer for modals, but here goes...

    You can use would, could and might when you think something is the case, but you're not fully sure.

    Well, I hope that's a start at least.

    'would' is the past tense form of will. Because it is a past tense it is used:

    *to talk about the past.
    *to talk about hypotheses – things that are imagined rather than true.
    *for politeness.

    Could is the past form of 'can'. Because it is a past tense. It is used-
    *To talk about ability:
    I could run very fast when I was younger.
    She couldn’t get a job anywhere.

    *To say that something was possible or impossible:
    Our teacher could be very strict when we were at school. [= Some teachers were very strict.]
    People could starve in those days. [= People sometimes starved.]
    You couldn’t use computers in the nineteenth century.

    *To make a polite request:
    Could I go now please?
    Could you lend me a dictionary please?

    *To make a polite offer:
    Could I give you a lift?
    I could carry that for you.

    We use might:
    * when we are not sure about something:

    I might see you tomorrow.
    It looks nice, but it might be very expensive.
    It’s quite bright. It might not rain today.

    * As the past tense of may for requests:

    He asked if he might borrow the car.
    They wanted to know if they might come later.

    * For very polite requests:

    Might I ask you a question?
    Might we just interrupt for a moment?

    I think it will help you to understand the difference among 'would', 'could' and 'might'.

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