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is "Le Boeuf sur le Toit" here a name of a place?

Raymond Radiguet belonged to the generation that had been deprived of its fathers by the war but that had not itself endured the hell of the trenches. Radiguet's precocity as well as his rage to live aroused both fear and indignation. Max Jacob, who had discovered Radiguet in 1918 and had introduced him to Cocteau and then to Misia, described the youth: "He was handsome, he was grave. He had, it seemed, read everything. He was imperturbable. He could be seen almost every night sitting at Le Boeuf sur le Toit. Radiguet drank a considerable amount, but his face, his heavy mouth, his stubborn eyebrows remained absolutely immobile."

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    Yes, it is the name of a restaurant.

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