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How to use adjective of nationality in Chinese? for people vs objects


I know that adjectives of nationality are usually made of 2 parts: the country name and the character 人。
For example Italian = 意大利人
and so on..I usually use the adjectives when i refer to people and it is correct this way, but what if i want to refer to an object instead of people?
For example an Italian car..since the kind of adjective i used before contains the character "人" that means "person", can i only use it only when i refer to people or not?
Please help me to clear this doubt :) .

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    地点 + 人/物
    指人时,地点 means the place where they come from or born in, their motherland.
    If you have identification card of USA, have to say: 我是一个美籍意大利人。And usually don't use 我是一个美国人。

    指物时,地点 means where this project made from.
    If you want to say a car belongs to a man, you should +的 after 地点,like 's in English.

    I seem to understand your question. Not quite sure, still. But I can tell that,

    他是意大利人。 You can't say"他是意大利"。

    More often, we say, 这是意大利牌子的车。 这是意大利产的车。
    Or you can say,

    意大利 = Italy (country)
    意大利(的) = Italian (adj)
    意大利人 = the Italian (man)

    中国 = China
    中国(的) = Chinese (adj)
    中国人 = the Chinese (man)

    中国人 开 意大利 车。 = A Chinese is driving an Italian car.

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