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Translation to A russian paragraph by English alphabets

This is a Russian paragraph (May be informal) that's written by using the English alphabets, the pronunciation is russian.. Please I would need it translated to English so that I can understand what each word means... It may not make sense but I only need the words translated and the paragraph, thank you
Here is the paragraph:

Tak myno ci baztrach ti Ni. Chava eik et tra eshto
Evo catra sivi
E Dobra e meynia. Bytsbya my ho r mory ne ma gotlbia gol li bo
Cota nochto moya Vivian dabolna
Yes selina
Tisu da!!!!!!!!!! Niyat di dochti bisa

Additional Details:

Any translation that you can give about any word or phrase is really appreciated ! Thank you !

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    This doesn't look Russian.

    This is just my fantasy. Threre are, perharps, some russian words, however this is not russian.

    Tak myno ci baztrach ti Ni
    Tak myno ( так меня(?) - So me
    baztrach (ztrach - страх - fear) ???

    Chava eik et tra eshto
    Chava ( чего)
    eik (ей)??
    - eshto (ещё) - else
    What does (she) wants else?

    Evo catra sivi

    Evo (его) - his
    sivi ( себе ???) - to him

    Stolka (cтолько) - that much, so much

    E Dobra e meynia. ( И... и меня) And ... and me

    Bytsbya ( без тебя ???) without you
    my (мы) - we

    ne ma gotlbia gol li bo ???

    ne ma - have no (??) gol li bo (кого-)либо - some(one)

    We have no anyone without you

    Cota nochto moya Vivian dabolna ( но что моя Вивиан довольна) - ( but my Vivian is happy)

    No - no

    Koraa - Is this name?

    Tchot ( чёрт) - Damn!

    Yes selina - Yes, Selina

    Tisu da!!!!!!!!!! (Тише, да ?) Hush!

    Some words sound like fast-speaked russian phrases.But it is necessary to be a telepathic to understand that. Well, I am not a sorcerer, but I will try... But it is only my guess-work, it is not a translation or someting like this.

    Tak myno ci baztrach ti Ni. - I think, it seems to be "Так, выноси быстро что-нить" - "So, take away something quickly".

    Chava eik - чувак - slang. guy or человек - man.

    et tra eshto - ???

    Evo catra sivi - его попросили - they asked him.
    Stolka - столько - so much or so many.
    E Dobra e meynia. - и добра и меня - and good and me (?)

    Bytsbya my - без тебя мы - we... without you
    ho r mory - ???

    ne ma gotlbia - не могу тебя - I cannot ... you

    gol li bo - голимо - (slang) badly

    Cota nochto moya - хотя ночь-то моя - though the night is my

    Vivian - ?

    dabolna - довольна - [she is] pleased
    or довольно - it is enought.

    No - но - but
    Koraa - кора - literally bark, slang. - someting laughable.

    Tchot - чё-т (что-то или почему-то) - "something" or "for some reason"

    Yes selina - И сильно - And strongly

    Tisu da!!!!!!!!!! - Сюда!!! - here, this way.

    Niyat di dochti bisa - ???

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