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Cyrillic doubt

Hello what's up.Well I'm learning cyrrillic but I have a little doubt.I can't find so many words with ''ъ'' sign. So could you put me some examples and his meaning? So many thanks everybody всем спасибо!

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    Hi Daniela, you can often see hard sign in verbs and other words derived from verbs. Hard sign separates a prefix from the rest of the verb, when a prefix ends with a consonant and a verb starts with 'е'. Here are examples:
    Подъехать, подъезжать, подъезд - to approach (by car), to drive up, entrance
    Объехать, объезжать, объезд - drive around, detour
    Объедать, объесть - eat away
    Подъём - raise
    съёжиться - to shrink
    and much more.
    Probably, you haven't seen the hard sign much, because you haven't started learning Russian verbs, and perfective verbs in particular.
    Good luck!

    Hi Daniela!
    ъ is pretty rare. Some examples off the top of my head:
    объехать - bypass
    and it's derivatives like объезд - detour
    въезд - entrance
    съезд - congress
    съешь - you will eat

    Hi Daniela,

    Here's a great series of videos that teaches Cyrillic using Russian street signs and ads. I think the hard and soft signs are covered towards the end of the series...probably in the last video, but it's been a while since I watched them:

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